Call For Health™

Call For Health is the powerful new way for health care providers to improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of communication with patients and staff.


With Call for Health a range of patient monitoring services such as comfort calls, attendance reminders, patient experience surveys or personalised conversations on almost any subject can easily be automated saving your organisation time while ensuring patient safety and quality of service targets are met.

Based on your clinical or administrative decisions Call For Health makes time saving call backs to individuals or groups of patients on the topics you choose, leaving you available to handle urgent cases safe in the knowledge that Call For Health ensures nobody slips through the net.

What’s more Call For Health also offers a full range of interactive helpdesk services, including automated attendants and results services to help you offer new levels of streamlined services to to both patients and staff.

To find out how Call For Health can help bring savings in time & cost to your organisation while ensuring patient safety & quality of service targets are met please contact us.



Call For Health offers a range of conversations tailored for the health care domain. New conversations on almost any subject can easily be added.


Comfort Calling

Never let a patient slip through the net with personalised comfort calling
Based on the needs of a patient a clinician may decide to check on a patients progress at designated intervals. At the appropriate time Call for Health calls the patient and enquires about their well-being. The responses to the call determine the information made available to your staff directly or via your patient management system. Real-life speech synthesis with choice of accent and user-definable scripts enable friendly and cost effective patient monitoring. Use of this approach can substantially reduce incident follow-up costs.

DNA Prevention & Patient Attendance

Improve patient attendance rates
Patients failing to attend appointments cost the NHS hundreds of millions each year. Callstera DNA Prevention and Patient Attendance solutions offer the effective and interactive way to help your patients attend their scheduled or urgent appointments. Unlike traditional approaches which rely on one-way passive technologies such as SMS, Callstera interactive solutions offer a two-way conversation obtaining rich and immediate feedback from patients, so you know instantly if you need to rearrange or free up an appointment.

Patient Monitoring

Cost-effective support for vulnerable patients or groups of patients
Call For Health provides the cost effective way to monitor the well being of your patients 24/7. A range of patient monitoring and early warning conversations can be defined to ensure that vulnerable patients are called periodically to check on their well being, or to notify them of potential risks. For example adverse weather warnings can be used to notify groups of patients known to be susceptible to extreme conditions.

Patient Experience

Simplifying the process of measuring patient experience and satisfaction
Gathering the views of patients and service users is more complex than it may initially appear. To obtain reliable, rigorous evidence the exercise must be carried out systematically. Callstera interactive patient experience solutions enable organisations to quickly and efficiently collect and collate rich feedback from patients.

Staff Safety & Lone Working

Enhance staff safety with lone worker safety monitoring calls
When staff need to work off site on their own procedures need to be put in place to ensure they remain safe. Call For Health enables staff to receive call backs when they are in vulnerable situations. Persistent failure to contact a lone worker automatically results in escalation to on site staff to enable the appropriate safety processes to be followed up.



For NHS organisations that want to operate within the N3 network Callstera offers all our services tailored to the requirements of N3.


N3 Integration

The power of advanced interactive telephony brought to the NHS N3 network
N3 is the National Network for the NHS. It provides reliable, supporting IT infrastructure, world-class networking services and sufficient, secure connectivity and broadband capacity to meet current and future NHS IT needs.

Callstera solutions are available for N3 directly from our fully managed service or if you prefer hosted within your own network via our premise service. To discuss what option is right for your organisation please contact us.