Call For Health™ - Urgent & Unscheduled Care

Call For Health is the time-saving telephony service designed for urgent & unscheduled care providers combined with the UK’s leading patient management system, Adastra v3.


Based on your clinical or administrative decisions Call For Health makes personalised call backs to individuals or groups of patients on the topics you choose, leaving you available to handle urgent cases safe in the knowledge that Call For Health ensures nobody slips through the net.

Call For Health provides the cost effective way to monitor the well being of your patients. Your patients receive friendly, personalised calls to check they are okay. Rich feedback about your patient is received instantly, alerting you to potential issues and assuring your patients that they are always in your care.

With seamless integration Call For Health enables you to automate a range of comfort calls, attendance reminders, patient experience surveys or personalised conversations on almost any subject and all accessed from the familiar Adastra environment

To find out how Call For Health can help bring savings in time & cost to your organisation while ensuring patient safety & quality of service targets are met please contact us.

About Adastra

Adastra Adastra is a leading patient management system for unscheduled care across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. Adastra manages episodes of patient care in: GP Out-of-Hours and Daytime Overload, Walk-in Centres, Urgent Care Front-Ends to A&E, Equitable Access, Call Centres & 24-Hour Help Lines, Minor Injuries Units, The Home, Community Nurse Teams and many others...

Over 95% of Out-of-Hours GP services across the UK and ROI, 30% across the Netherlands and over half of all Walk-in-Centres in England use Adastra integration services and 24x7 technology infrastructure solutions. More than 14 million episodes of care are managed, connected, integrated and measured annually across Europe using Adastra. 100% committed to open-systems and interoperability, Adastra is fully engaged in connected care – in product, in spirit and in action.