Call For You™

Time saving unified communications solutions for your business. Let your customers interact with your business at the right time and way.


Call For You is a powerful new way for your business to improve the service and cost-effectiveness of communication with your customers.

Based on your business decisions Call For You handles incoming calls or makes outbound calls to individuals or groups of customers on the topics you choose. Call For You frees you to get on with the important task of running your business. Call For You generates new revenues too providing the effective way to remind customers of appointments or renewals

Your customer receives friendly, personalized reminder calls with positive responses typically improved by 25%. Rich feedback about your customer's needs is received instantly, alerting you to any action you should take, assuring your customer's they are at the heart of your business. A full audit trail of each question and answer is stored. Real-time search and status reports ensure you are always in control of your service.

Choose custom-off-the-shelf applications from the Call For You range. Need something different? No problem, just contact our interaction experts to discuss your requirements.


Callstera HelpDesk™

Introducing a new generation of flexible self-service telephone help desks

Callstera HelpDesk ensures your calls are answered immediately to enable callers to contact your organisation quickly and efficiently without the frustration of engaged tones or queueing.

Callers are welcomed to your service by an automated agent and then quickly and efficiently presented with the options they need to handle their enquiry. Routine calls may be handled automatically freeing up your call handlers to deal with complex queries. At any time, a caller who requires more assistance may be transferred to a live agent or to voicemail when out of normal working hours.

As with all CIP solutions a full back office integration service is available for seamless integration with your existing processes.

Callstera SupportDesk™

Multi-channel support system for your business

Callstera SupportDesk offers an enhanced HelpDesk experience for organisations wishing to offer first class support to their customers.

As well as an interactive telephone service SupportDesk provides customers with additional communication channels, including email and online web interface. Each user incident is automatically allocated a unique ticket number which your customer can use to track the progress of their support incident. Similarly a full set of administrative tools enable your team to complete track of each incident.

Callstera EventDesk™

Proactive, outbound, multi-channel reminder system for your organisation

Callstera EventDesk provides outbound calling services for reminding people of important events, such as appointments or recurring events.

Simply specify who you want to call, when you want to call and what subject you want to talk about. At the specified time EventDesk calls the number and starts the conversation it has been instructed to and obtains rich feedback from your customer making this available to you should any action be required. State of the art answer phone detection and user-defined redial strategies provide all round process control.

Callstera believes that the power of front office self-service applications is greatly enhanced by seamless integration with back office systems. The W3C standards based Callstera Interaction Platform is specifically designed for easy integration with third-party systems.


Back Office Integration

Enhancing the power of the Callstera Interaction Platform

From the outset the Callstera Interaction Platform was designed to be interoperable with third-party systems and services. As such every Callstera product provides standards based interfaces to enable third-party products to easily access CIP services.

Similarly when it comes to integrating third-party services into CIP interactive conversations, again the Callstera Interaction Platform has been designed to be able to access third-party services with ease.

For a detailed discussion about how to integrate your existing systems with CIP please contact us.