Interaction Services

Callstera products and solutions are developed using the Callstera Interaction Platform. This approach allows us to define, develop and deliver compelling W3C standards based solutions that are unique to your business. A typical project life cycle follows three key stages:


Initially we define the unique aspects of your system using the Callstera Interaction Language. A series of representative releases are then built. Each release runs in the real production environment as this is the most effective way of visualising a solution. An important aspect of the definition phase is to identify potential issues as early as possible.


When both parties are confident the real requirement has been defined, a series of high quality releases are built. Each release adds a single feature at a time to production standard. Review and feedback of each release ensures that the system continues to meet expectations at all times. Even though we think requirements are clear, Callstera is aware that exposure to early releases increases insight into to what is possible with our platform. This can lead to a modification in requirements such that you receive exactly what you and your business need.


The delivery phase also results in one or more operational releases. The focus here though is to ensure your staff are fully aware of the implications of your new service. It may well affect their daily work. For example it could be that call handlers no longer have to take orders over the phone but instead ensure that orders have been processed and payment has been received. The delivery phase ensures a smooth transition of the solution to the operational environment. Typically, delivery is a series of pilots followed by a full roll-out.