Callstera Interaction Platform

Callstera solutions are based on the Callstera Interaction Platform the ultra-flexible unified communications and application platform.

The Callstera Interaction Platform™ offers flexible, unified communications solutions that combine advanced self-service telephony with the power of online and mobile web applications. CIP enables conversations to easily be created ranging from simple touch tone information services to complex form filling applications using advanced speech recognition and free-form speech.

CIP services are scalable and cost effective too with savings of up to 10 times compared with equivalent manual operation. Applications come complete with a suite of management tools to help you monitor and control your services.

Call Manager™ is designed to manage calls made to and from your service 24/7. Each conversation is automatically archived and made available to your management team. Call Manager also includes analysis tools to help you understand the different types of conversations your customers are having with your organisation.

Call Scheduler™ provides outbound call services for the Callstera Interaction Platform. You can schedule any conversation to take place at the time you choose, allowing you to operate notification and reminder services that are on average 25% more likely to succeed than traditional methods. Call Scheduler integrates seamlessly within Call Manager and shares the same robust and reliable infrastructure.

And now with Call Transcriber™ your conversations can be fully transcribed allowing you to deal with requests up to 7 times faster.

CIP applications are standards based making integration with your existing systems easy. CIP applications are developed by our team of interaction experts and may be deployed in a variety of flexible configurations including fully hosted and premise versions. For more information about our Interaction Services please contact us.