Call Manager™

Every inbound or outbound call is automatically saved by call manager. Call Manager provides a rich set of tools for search, analysis and reporting.

The Call Manager™ service is designed to manage calls made to and from your telephone service 24/7 via an easy to use web interface and is a standard part of Callstera Interaction Platform application.

Each conversation your customers have with your system is automatically archived and made available to your team.

You can view live calls being made to the service or select a call and view a user-friendly transcript. Each call transcript shows you just the important information so you can quickly determine if any action is required. If you need a complete recording of the call, no problem, this is instantly available for each call.

Using the built in search tools you can quickly locate any call made to your service based on:

  • Unique call reference number
  • The telephone number
  • The subject of the call
  • The date and time of the call
  • Advanced text search

A set of quick analysis tools are also availabled to automatically let you analyse the different types of conversations your customers are having with your organisation so you are always aware of the needs of your users.

For more information about Call Manager™ and other Callstera products please contact us.