Call Scheduler™

Initiate outbound calls to your customers to obtain rich feedback automatically made available to your team.

Call Scheduler™ provides outbound call support for the Callstera Interaction Platform.

Depending on the nature of your CIP service Call Scheduler™ makes a call to a number you specify at the date and time of your choosing. At the specified time Call Scheduler™ calls the number and starts the conversation it has been instructed to.

Due to the power and flexibility of CIP applications different conversations may be defined to target individuals or groups of similar interest with conversations tailored to their needs.

Further Call Scheduler's™ advanced answer phone detection can detect if the call has been answered by a machine and leave an appropriate message for the target of the call.

At any time you can view or change the details of the calls you have previously scheduled.

Call Scheduler™ integrates seamlessly within Call Manager™ sharing the same robust and reliable infrastructure. As with other Callstera products, the standards based Call Scheduler™ service may be easily integrated directly with third-party systems and services.

For further information about Call Scheduler™ and other Callstera products please contact us.